Welcome app to guest at the DRC

22. July 2016


We are actually constant feedback reach us to the welcome app, content, usability, and their capabilities to collect, and if necessary to be considered for future versions. Sometimes we also "out the door" go to introduce the app there, where she definitely could be useful our vision after.

Thanks to the kind support of the Department of public relations of the urban Aachen, we had the opportunity to present the welcome app in the German Red Cross of the urban Aachen in July 2016, this time. Initial thought of as pure presentation of the app a really exciting and informative discussion evolved from it. We could take very many suggestions, remarks, and even very specific suggestions for improvement from the conversation and testing the app through the DRC staff. Also we are very happy, that the GRC considers the welcome app as "extremely useful for refugees/migrants and helpers in this context". Thank you for that!