The Welcome App Concept

For all immigrants

  • Available for all smartphones and tablets
  • All common native languages available
  • Wide range of themes with high utility
  • Direct local contacts
  • Supporting integration and togetherness
  • Concrete help in finding a job
  • Makes learning German easier
For helpers, counselors and authorities

  • Available for Windows PCs and laptops
  • Translation help in case of missing translator
  • Better understanding through information
  • Constant topicality saves printing costs
  • Extending option for contacts
  • Digital reference book covering a variety of topics
For cities, communities and counties

  • Available for terminals and large screens
  • Information material with local references
  • Activating volunteers and associations
  • Emphasizing local characteristics
  • Extension through dialogue possible
  • Lower costs in comparison to brochures and websites

For companies, welfare and NGO‘s

  • Printed version available
  • Company representation
  • Support of regions and functions possible
  • Input of own ideas and suggestions
  • Connection to the labor market
  • Information materials for integration within companies