Welcome app sponsorship

The Welcome App Germany in its current version was run by the Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH – a.k.a. HeiReS – as a nonprofit project until the beginning of 2017. Since March 2017, it was transferred into administration and operation by the non-profit IT hilft gGmbh. HeiReS will continue to work at the Welcome App as a technical partner and supporter for IT helps gGmbH.
In order to continue operating the Welcome App Germany, it also requires constant content updates.

As a non-profit company, it is not only our wish but also our legal duty to work unselfishly and without profit orientation. All donations flow back into the Welcome App. Irrespective of external financial contributions, we continue to work tirelessly on the Welcome App as a commitment to the good cause.
We would be delighted to receive your support.

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