Welcome App Germany

Orientation and integration help for immigrants and refugees in Germany

  • Welcome App Germany is 100 % free of charge for the user
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Runs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs (OS dependend)
  • Multilingual to match the origin of the users:
    German, English, French, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian and Farsi
  • Further languages possible
  • General information on everyday life and integration
  • Specific information on immigration, labour market and educational opportunities
  • National and regional contacts
  • Explanation videos with subtitles
  • Can be used also without constant Internet connection
  • Tested and validated data only
  • Constantly updated and extended
  • Sustainable approach

A project of

Responsible for design, development, content:

App details and download

Permissions asked by the app: use of the Internet connection (for updates) and location service (for digital map). The app is still usable without both functions. There is no data collection, storage or dissemination to third parties. The version for Windows phone is a universal app that is fully functional and can be run on normal Windows systems (starting with version 8.1). It is optimized for the use on Smartphones and tablets/PCs.

The Welcome App Concept


For all immigrants
● Available for all smartphones and tablets
● All common native languages available
● Wide range of themes with high utility
● Direct local contacts
● Supporting integration and togetherness
● Concrete help in finding a job
● Makes learning German easier


For helpers, counselors and authorities
● Available for Windows PCs and laptops
● Translation help in case of missing translator
● Better understanding through information
● Constant topicality saves printing costs
● Extending option for contacts
● Digital reference book covering a variety of topics


For cities, communities and counties
● Available for terminals and large screens
● Information material with local references
● Activating volunteers and associations
● Emphasizing local characteristics
● Extension through dialogue possible
● Lower costs in comparison to brochures and websites

For companies, welfare and NGO‘s
● Printed version available
● Company representation
● Support of regions and functions possible
● Input of own ideas and suggestions
● Connection to the labor market
● Information materials for integration within companies

The welcome app for your city/region?

Our loyal customers who are committed to the WCA:
Ahlen, Chemnitz, Meschede, Rostock, Saxony, Schwerin, LK Göttingen, LK Harburg, LK Helmstedt, LK Mainz-Bingen, LK Meißen, LK Mittelsachsen, LK Peine, LK Vorpommern-Greifswald, City Region Aachen

Other regions sponsored by us:
Berlin, Dortmund, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Mainz, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden

Further cities/regions are in preparation/planning


Welcome App Integration for your city/region? Or a Welcome App for your Country?

Welcome app sponsorship

The Welcome App Germany in its current version was run by the Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH – a.k.a. HeiReS – as a nonprofit project until the beginning of 2017. Since March 2017, it was transferred into administration and operation by the non-profit IT hilft gGmbh. HeiReS will continue to work at the Welcome App as a technical partner and supporter for IT helps gGmbH.
In order to continue operating the Welcome App Germany, it also requires constant content updates.

As a non-profit company, it is not only our wish but also our legal duty to work unselfishly and without profit orientation. All donations flow back into the Welcome App. Irrespective of external financial contributions, we continue to work tirelessly on the Welcome App as a commitment to the good cause.
We would be delighted to receive your support.

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