Welcome App Germany

Orientation and integration help for immigrants and refugees in Germany

  • Welcome App Germany is 100 % free of charge for the user
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Runs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs (OS dependend)
  • Multilingual due to the origin of the user
  • DE/EN/FR/AR/RU/FA implemented
  • Further languages possible
  • General information about everyday life
  • Specific information on the topic of asylum
  • National and regional contacts
  • Can be used also without constant Internet connection
  • Tested and validated data only
  • Constantly updated and extended
  • Sustainable approach

App details and download

Permissions asked by the app: use of the Internet connection (for updates) and location service (for digital map). The app is still usable without both functions. There is no data collection, storage or dissemination to third parties. The version for Windows phone is a universal app that is fully functional and can be run on normal Windows systems (starting with version 8.1). It is optimized for the use on Smartphones and tablets/PCs.

The current situation and our solution

Since 2015, the influx of refugees and asylum-seekers – due to worldwide wars and crises – represents a major challenge for the European Union, and in particular to the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to accommodation and catering of those who seek help, especially the supply of information is a huge difficulty. Far too often, this takes place in paper form and with stale data. This is not least due to the acute excessive demands by authorities and aid organizations.

Since approximately 80% of immigrants have a Smartphone or access to one, the welcome app was created. Using current, validated and tailored specifically to the needs of information – for example in their own language and corresponding topics – we want to help facilitate the orientation and integration in Germany, thereby supporting the affected as well as authorities and aid organizations.

Available for all major smartphone platforms, multilingual, with only validated content, the app was developed in close consultation with those who are affected. It closes the gap between those who need help and those who offer it in supporting the distribution of much-needed general but also local and regional information, data and contacts.


The welcome app as a real help for orientation and integration through the provision of information

The welcome app was created originally as a solution for the city of Dresden, meanwhile it has become to a modular system with a constant extension of content and functionally. The substantive extension refer mainly to two types of information:

  • For one, there are many general information to life, everyday life and practice in Germany and about the country itself. All information obtained from reliable sources or are written by ourselfs. All are decorated in as simple language to ensure high intelligibility and good translatability. We are very grateful that suggestions were the topics specifically of asylum-seekers and still collected in the form of feedback and implemented.
  • On the other hand, the app includes steadily growing local and regional content and contacts that are relevant to refugees/immigrants when they arrive in a town or a region. Also this information is carefully researched and validated. We are very happy, that we already have inspired some cities and regions for the welcome app. Partly financed from public authorities and partly from sponsors we were able to integrate many local/regional information, data and contacts.
Cities/regions already integrated with local content:

  • Berlin
  • Chemnitz
  • Dortmund
  • Dresden
  • Erlangen
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Göttingen
  • Göttingen (County)
  • Meschede
  • München
  • Peine (County)
  • Rostock
  • Sächsische Schweiz Osterzgebirge (County)
  • Schwerin
  • Further cities/regions are in preparation/planning

Welcome App Integration for your city/region? Or a Welcome App for your Country? Please contact us!

The welcome app for your city/region?

Our vision for the welcome app is the integration of cities and towns with regional/local information and contacts. Refugees should find orientation with the app thanks to general information about Germany and have all the contacts/data available thanks to local information. For this we rely to some extent on assistance and cooperation with the local authorities.

While we research many contents by ourselves but this can’t replace first-hand information of representatives. The financing of the necessary effort is for us – even with the support of sponsors – not always possible. We have elaborated a valid and transparent model, after which (based on the number of inhabitants) the expenses are calculated and billed. Gladly we send a non-binding cost estimate.

Our system allows a comfortable and time-saving integration of new data that also allows easily updates and corrections. Gladly we inform you how it works, how we support you and what administrative costs potentially would arise for your city/region.


Welcome App Integration for your city/region? Or a Welcome App for your Country?

How to contact us

Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH,
Scariastr. 9, 01277 Dresden, Germany

+ 49 (0) 351 65615776

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Press/media information and contact

We are pleased about the almost overwhelming feedback and the public perception, which received the welcome app since the first release. Many thanks to all members of the press who support us with your work in the publication and dissemination of the app.

Current Press Release (October 2016, in cooperation with Microsoft)

Prior Press Release (April 2016)

Contact for press/media

We ask for your understanding that we can only process initial press inquiries.

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