Education: An important topic in relation to family and career

9. May 2019

The acquisition of knowledge and skills is more important than ever in our society.
That is why we have dedicated a category completely to the topic of education in -Familie und Beruf- (“family and career”). No matter if personality development, school education, vocational training, study, further education … Education in any form accompanies us humans the whole life long.

• Studies or training?
• How do I find the right job?
• Why is further training worthwhile?
• How can the employer support me in this?
• What are the financial possibilities?
• How do I register my child?

These are, among other things, the questions to which you, on -Familie und Beruf- without much searching, will find an answer. There are forms, checklists and links. Furthermore there are many local contact persons who can help you personally.

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