New in the welcome app: Erlangen and Saxon Switzerland Osterzgebirge

9. August 2016

At the end of this rainy summer, there's at least a bright spot in the app, because two new cities in the welcome app Germany are represented with August.

For one, this is the city of Erlangen, was realised with the kind support of the Rotary clubs of Erlangen. Erlangen, located on the floodplain of the river Regnitz and the main-Danube Canal, is the smallest of the eight major cities in Bavaria. In the 16th century. Settled the Huguenots from France in Erlangen century and even today people from over 140 countries in the international city. The Friedrich-Alexander-University, which focuses on language, culture and region in addition to the areas of electronics, energy and environment is regarded as innovator. Erlangen offers a variety of offerings, from the annual castle garden concert, culture lovers to the comic salon, which stands as the biggest and most important Festival of graphic literature. The city for the Siemens GmbH is economically significant, but also companies in the energy sector and nuclear Division are economic engines of Erlangen.

The Saxon Switzerland Osterzgebirge is now the third representative of the free State of Saxony. The special feature of this district is that he is represented as a first not only in its entirety in the CMS, but also with its largest cities. These are navigable as well on the list of cities. You will find here about the region and the addresses of the representative for the entire district.

We greatly appreciate both newbies and hope you enjoy exploring and learning all new users.

Cover photo: Bastei bridge in the Elbe sandstone mountains author: miquitos license: CC BY-SA 2.0