Massive content update in progress

11. March 2016

In addition to the intensive work on our proprietary content management system, that in the future integrated cities/regions will give the opportunity to correct your content / update, are currently with us very many hardworking employees busy, a really massive update of the contents, particularly the information areas, explanatory text, etc. to prepare.

The initial, at that time still statically in the app embedded content comes exclusively from our own "Spring". We have us really sat down and started to write desired topics about estimated even for important or of the target group. It was great to hear from many people that they on one waited for exactly such app with exactly such content. Of course we were but also with some topics incorrectly, some topics have to detail and some treated too superficially.

Luckily we got feedback on the content of very many places, we all gathered and currently lead in the first, really far-reaching, and major content update of the welcome app together. We will revise topics, to – or even completely rewrite texts, to consult experts on specific topics and much more to the information content and the users of the app still continue to increase.

Also with regard to the translations is also due to the introduction of the languages of Russian and Persian / Farsi – things change. To date we are with automated initial translation by a corresponding programme and subsequent examination and correction done well by native speakers, but here in the medium term are approaching our temporal and linguistic borders. After the final introduction of the content management system, we passed so the translations in professional hands. We are currently cooperation partner for translations to find to do this, there will be still a separate post.

It does a lot for the welcome app, because the topic is and remains acute. And we want to continue to do possible about us, to facilitate the orientation and integration of refugees and migrants in Germany.

The welcome app team