Presents the welcome app team – Jenny

14. June 2016

In the team of Henry & Reuter Solutions GmbH – short HeiReS – engage all employees equally welcome app project. Everyone contributes according to his abilities and tasks together to work out the maximum benefit for the system. In the last month, our developer Ahmad was already presented at this point. This range would we like to maintain and gradually introduce the people behind the welcome app our blog visitors. Even Jenny, who completed an internship with us in the context of studying the psychology of communication among our team for some time. For us it is a great pleasure the scholarship of the Heinrich Böll Foundation with their broad experience and its friendly and open-minded manner's Board to have.

Since February, she takes the long way from Görlitz to Dresden, to work actively on our team every day. Her specialty is the usability, so the discussion of the usability of such software applications. This is of course especially when a so broad target group, such as the welcome app Germany asked, since these asylum seekers as well as authorities and helpers meaningful support in everyday life to offer.

One of its main tasks is the app and also the associated content management system specially designed for the acquisition of the information contained in the app to check on their suitability for use, and to identify the improvement opportunities team therefore, regularly.

In addition, she supported of course also actively maintaining the data, and in particular in the creation of marketing materials where it matters greatly, they carry the right message to the right audience.

Psychological knowledge is us always to good and as well as hopefully we learn much could, taught much about the correct delivery of messages and zielgruppenfokusierte thinking they too us.

As a small special the Wahlgörlitzerin for us brought together also addresses of important contacts from their region. This work shall be imputed to her district so that we can integrate the district Görlitz with his important focal points for asylum seekers in the region soon in our system.

We want to warmly thank for their great work with Jenny and hope to welcome you after the end of their internships as part of the welcome app team.

Cover photo: Görlitz, Germany photographer: Polybert49 license: CC by-SA 2.0