Dresden in the welcome app Germany

1. February 2016

Dresden was a single action with the welcome app Dresden of the leader of our entire initiative. Since the 31.01.2016, Dresden is integrated with all of his local contacts in Germany welcome-app and should offer the full added value therefore refugees and migrants in Dresden. As always, we have integrated the contacts with Windows starting. Android and iOS will soon follow, because there the shares through the platforms are slightly slower than Microsoft.

At this point, we would still times send a heartfelt thanks to the city of Dresden, they identify very well with our vision of a digital assistant in integration and orientation for the here incoming refugees could. Dresden will be also the first city as our main booth location, where we will especially strengthen the dissemination of welcome app for the refugees and authorities, consultants, and volunteers soon, so that as many as possible in the enjoyment of our meaningful system come.

Dresden are now thus five cities/regions since the turn of the year with local content, contacts, addresses, etc. in the welcome app Germany merged. Another five cities/regions are currently in work with aim of publication February. Among other things also Chemnitz is what we come closer to our desire, at some point all over Saxony under the umbrella of the welcome app Germany a step further.

We are very, happy as our vision of an app for orientation and integration that works in all over Germany, is gradually taking shape.

Peggy welcome app team

Image: Dresden Frauenkirche copyright: Christopher Münch license: DML BY source: Media Server Dresden