Coexistence instead of competition

26. January 2016


Our statement to similar apps/websites: Coexistence instead of competition

Due by newer releases of apps/websites in the context of refugee assistance, we are increasingly asked our opinion. Therefore here a short statement to do this.
Basically we see all projects positively and meaningfully addressing the acute need for information when arriving in Germany asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants by means of modern technology. We will link to apps and Web pages, content or technology complementing the offer of our welcome app, therefore also like to promptly on our Web site and within the welcome app.

Our concept is meaningful and uniform to work up the nationwide supply of information for asylum seekers. For this reason, we set out to unite the contact of as many cities and regions under one roof instead of flooding the stores and thus the users with many individual apps of control differently and orientation to. We are pleased however that for some of the earlier this year published apps welcome app suggestion and inspiration was, finally it confirmed us in it, convinced our approach.

A little warn but we would all those who want to dabble on own apps, the effort to invest here, away from the actual development activities, should not be underestimated. We were raised several times by cities, which initially planned a development but then surprised were the high time and cost. The welcome app, it was from the outset our goal is to align the system for the fast and inexpensive integration of other cities. We like to say, the House is finished, now the cities have set up only.

It will show itself with the time which of the many projects are sustainably designed and really well thought out. We see all the new apps and sites as a healthy coexistence, not as direct competition, as long as all projects are entitled of actual assistance to users in the foreground. We will continue to diligently work to fill the welcome app to provide users with the widest range of information in the usual user-friendly environment with more and more local/regional content.

The team of welcome app