A Syrian developer for the welcome app team

27. April 2016


Since September, we have the great fortune that we welcome app could set a young software developer company HeiReS within the framework of the project in our team, who himself has lived through an asylum procedure and therefore exactly know the needs of the target group. Ahmad is just like a German colleague with a good salary at us as normal people permanently employed – suitable for training and work experience. He is fluent in English, which is the usual language already in the IT industry but also his knowledge of German are very good and the active exchange with each other as well as continuous education, they get better every day.

Equal rights and obligations for all of the team are the best approach for active integration in addition to much communication since the beginning of the activity. It was not so hard to make a refugee. The participating institutions, such as the employment office and the health insurance fund, supported the process by providing personal advice and good concessions. For the work on the welcome app we needed someone, which dominates software development, can but also Arabic and knows the context flight and asylum application as support in our team. To fit our new colleague now really perfectly. The daily togetherness in the team helps to reduce fear of contact in both directions and we learn more about foreign cultures and customs daily. Culinary we must dive with date cookies and sweet rosewater pastries in the lunch break from time to time in a distant world. Ahmad is more than an employee, but Member and HeiReS family friend with the man even after the work likes sitting together for us now much. His trial is now and from here he may like to stay until retirement. He programmed the really good stuff and can be really proud of yourself, because the Web-based management system for the address for the welcome app is primarily the result of his work. For the future he should participate also in other projects as a developer, what we look forward already now.

Image: handshake by metropolico.org (CC BY-SA 2.0)