Welcome app Germany – the entire Federal Republic in an app

1. October 2015

After the very successful launch of our welcome app Dresden the phones in our offices no longer stood still. We are still overwhelmed by the many positive inquiries from the press, organisations, volunteers and also individuals who want to engage just for the thing. But too many requests in other towns and cities from all over Germany who want to engage with regional information to contact persons and institutions in the form of a modern app's have arrived. This communication confirmed us that our approach meets the current need for information and organisation on the one hand and on the other hand, that not the end still must be with a local app.

One of our primary concerns is to support the refugees and asylum-seekers with selected and targeted information, and not by a flood of offers to kill her. For this reason we have decided, to create a comprehensive welcome app for the entire Federal Republic. In appealing and native outline, the users can use to exactly the information they need at the moment. Navigation, look and feel are doing consistently across all platforms of Windows phone, iOS and Android to the desktop PC and Terminal. This app is available now for the 01.10.2015 for all platforms.

At the moment we are working with high pressure, to fill the app with life and to absorb and gradually more and more cities and towns.

Would you see represented also like your city in the welcome app? Contact us at info@welcome-app-concept.de at any time