Posters and postcards promoting the welcome app done

2. February 2016

Welcome_App_Aushang-Entwurf_Germany_komplettSo the app is used as broad and varied we have drafted media, to invite refugees and migrants, but also authorities, Adviser and helpers, download the app. Here as a preview of the poster and postcard for Germany in General.

Karte_Germany_Front  Karte_Back

For the up to date integrated towns and the soon coming, we have prepared already related material. To view an excerpt times.

We hope our approach like and is on appeal. Feedback we would be happy. And, of course, if we can send these posters and cards as many as possible. Therefore please incl. Number of inquiries under: Soon, we are the posters and cards still to download in high resolution provide.

-Peggy of the welcome-app-team-

Karte_BY_Muenchen_Front   Karte_HE_Frankfurt_Front   Karte_SN_Dresden_Front   Karte_NRW_Dortmund_Front