Planned languages: Farsi, and Russian

8. January 2016

Currently, there are the welcome app in German, English, French and Arabic. Since the languages have primarily to do with the users, these must relate to their countries of origin. German German-speaking users in authorities and consultants need. English goes. Arabic spoken in Syria. French is used by people from North Africa such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Farsi / Persian is the relevant language for people from Afghanistan. Russian is at least as official language for people from the Balkans and the Ukraine. Ereträisch is most appropriate language to attract the Groh of refugees from Africa. And according to the useful information from the first recording is also Kurdish important for many people.

Therefore plan we talked more in the following order:
Farsi, Russian, Ereträisch, Kurdish

That mid-February we would tackle and forward – rather sooner than later – about the same feedback, whether we have set the right priorities.

-Peggy of the welcome-app-team-