New welcome app Web page online

8. January 2016

Since the 08.01.2016, the new welcome app Web page is online.

We have thereby changed much and – we hope – also improved:

  • Choosing a new theme that is more particularly on Smartphones
  • Adaptation of the theme in many points, to make it "fit"
  • Emergence of "welcome app blog" for regular post of news
  • Preparation for the emergence of the soon coming "welcome app newsletter"
  • Update of Web sites CMS on WP 4.41 for security and stability reasons
  • Many small changes/adjustments/improvements in the background

There are certainly some "teething problems" and the occasional bug, but we will promptly fix the.

The new Web page, the blog, the newsletter etc. are just some of the many new features around the welcome app. 2016 a lot will do in the first quarter especially in the area of local content is, since the establishment of our specially developed CMS is now completed. So it is worth to stop by regularly on the website or on Facebook.

Armin of the welcome-app-team