New field of "Migration and immigration"

25. November 2016

An advantage of welcome app Germany compared to many other systems is the constant further development of both technical and content-related. Justified by the current situation, the future focus of the platform away from the pure asylum – and refugee workers and to the information platform for all foreigners living in Germany should go. Extensively to include also the Group of foreigners here students or employees, we have created a new category within the app.

The category entitled "Migration and immigration" is broken down into the following sub areas:

  • Possibilities for EU citizens
  • Holidays and vacations
  • Study
  • Training
  • Work
  • Asylum and escape
  • Search for a better life

Find the section in the usual manner of welcome app valuable information in many languages and deposited with addresses of the most important regional partner. So far, the category only in Germany is available but after the information be extended in the future to all integrated and future areas.

Do you have more suggestions for thematic content, that could support foreigners upon arrival and life in Germany? Like to write us at