Munich now in the welcome app

15. January 2016

With all relevant contact details, the district-free city of Munich in the welcome app is now integrated – directly to Frankfurt as the second city in the welcome app. Asylum seekers find a wide variety of important and validated local contact partners in Munich to the respective areas in Munich after adding load of the corresponding data package in addition to the General information. We hope a valuable contribution for the asylum-seekers but also for the authorities, Adviser and helpers in the Munich region. Shortly we will provide Munich with appropriate Unterstützungsmaterialen to spread the app – posters posters and colorful postcards with QR tags to the on-the-go. Munich was also thanks to the support of MoneyGram, ACCretech and Microsoft Germany carried out so quickly, what we still even want to thank at this point.

-Peggy of the welcome-app-team-

Photo: Frauenkirche Munich author: John Morgan license: CC BY 2.0