Meschede, district of Göttingen

19. October 2016

With the city Meschede and the district Göttingen two new regions move into the welcome app Germany. We are pleased despite the currently volatile political situation that as communities of different magnitude campaigning for better integration and orientation of asylum seekers and migrants in their region.

The District of Göttingen is the southernmost part of Lower Saxony, and is located around the town of Göttingen, which is also already since the beginning of the year part of the welcome app Germany. The region is mainly known for its natural beauty and as a result from this strong agriculture. The district also has a University and is an interesting starting point for people from all cultures.

The city Meschede is situated in the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is the county seat of the high sauerland district and so far the only member of this in the app. The both sides of the Ruhr town is above all a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and relaxation seekers. Meschede also has a college and offers an interesting focal point for the international economy.

If you want to learn more about the two regions and are also interested, where are located the main contacts for asylum seekers and migrants, but also all other friends of cultural diversity, you can find these and many more details in the welcome app Germany.