HeiReS is a founding member of "Economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony".

5. October 2016

Yes, and to do this we are fully – for several good reasons.

As Dresden companies we see in the requirement for a clear commitment for openness to the world. This is not lip service from commercial pressures encountered, but living attitude basically are founded in 2012, at the latest but clearly documented through our welcome app Dresden (published in summer 2015) or Welcome app Germany (published 03.10.2015)

For us, diversity is enrichment of cohabitation, the associated challenges we like to think. In our colorful team, everyone is esteemed personality with its special characteristics. Origin or skin color are many factor, in addition to age or gender, preferences or opinions, people with disabilities – all calls our respectful and constructive approach. That this deal is with each other sometimes passionate, is only human and ultimately fruitful for our all together in companies like in private. Show attitude to do through coherent trade – if I may quote our Chief Lars there. So we have z. B. in the September 2015 a young Syrians as a software developer – social welfare and on par to the colleagues – with us firm hired.

As at the beginning of this year the management of the Association of Silicon Saxony e. V. approached us whether we us not with want to engage as a company, we have gladly agreed, and regularly participated in roundtables. Shoulder to shoulder with Chemnitz firms, this led to the founding of the Association "Economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony", whose founding members are now then in July 2016.

You might now think: 'OK. The next Club. What the heck?" Well, Yes. We are but here in Dresden. Here more than elsewhere, attitude to show and, where appropriate, the consequences of not to be afraid.

Attitude show, which may mean that perhaps the one or the other company now does not want to cooperate with us. Must that scare us in sales? N.. In the event of an emergency or another potential customer not suits us and then it is better not to meet. Others who fit better there is always and for them to burn then also much passionate as a service provider as we are. Or maybe there are employees that we can delight for us not because of this cosmopolitan setting. And that's a good thing. Today, we are likely to make even no preselection as a contractor due to the Diversitätsfaktoren, but must judge which basically only by skills and curriculum vitae. A small team can but someone who is not open to the world, pretty much – Let's say – bring unrest in an otherwise harmonious colorful team. In an emergency we have ways to use people because of baiting without notice and with immediate effect on the air as an employer. But before you have abundant restlessness in the hut and a nasty together in our all work and life time. This doesn't have to be and can show with attitude be avoided beforehand.

In this country it's called happy times: "Democracy must endure it."
To quote a dear friend in response. "May be. We not. "."
Therefore we are like "Economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony".