Growth from the North – Schwerin and Rostock in the welcome app Germany

26. May 2016

With may, the welcome app proudly welcomes two more cities that support the newcomers with their contents to local counterparts and focal points for asylum seekers and migrants.

The State capital of Schwerin and the Hanseatic City of Rostock are now each around one hundred contacts in areas such as accommodation, property and donations and social counselling but also recreation, language learning and cultural opportunities represent. The contents are available for iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms and can over all common smartphones, tablets, and Windows desktop computers from 8.1 both of on the road as well as from a workstation to retrieve. So that the information contained on the asylum system and to life in the Germany not only offer meaningful support for the local asylum seekers and migrants, but also for the many aides and advisers.
The contents are Arabic, English, French, German Russian and Farsi languages German (Persian) available, and to help break down language barriers and to relieve translators.

With these two cities are now seven cities in the app. Three more are currently in publication, and many more are under discussion. We hope regions from all parts of Germany until the end of the year bound to have and across national borders, integration to future support maybe even asylum seekers and migrants.

Post image: Schwerin Castle author: mitterik license: CC BY-SA 2.0