Growth for Saxony – Chemnitz now also part of the welcome app

14. June 2016

The welcome app grows and prospers and as a mixed team of choice – and native Saxony we of course particularly pleased about each of our beautiful new dominion, which unfortunately still with bitter aftertaste in connection with the refugee situation in Germany is called.

More so is the commitment of many voluntary organisations to highlight volunteers and authorities everywhere in the district. After Dresden a more important city and economic hub of the app has joined now with Chemnitz. On the platforms, Android, iOS, and all interested Windows this week many helpful information about contacts and support in and around the city of Chemnitz. We hope the content serve as useful support for all stakeholders, facilitate communication and provide orientation for the impending integration work.

We are proud of each region and each district using the added value of the welcome app system for themselves and hope in the future for many more supporters. The next Saxon district in the wings is also already with the Saxon Switzerland Osterzgebirge.

Your city or your district should also be part of the welcome app? Please contact us at: or 0351/65615776.

Title image: Karl-Marx-monument photographer: Kora27 license: CC-BY-SA 3.0