An increasing number of prospective buyers

20. April 2016

The first hype in the press, after we first released the welcome app Dresden and later the welcome app Germany, are long gone. Nevertheless, we are thrilled and happy that the interest in our concept and the app as orientation and integration assistance for migrants in Germany is still unbroken. Therefore we are pleased us very particularly to announce, that currently integrated five cities/regions very soon other three ones, where data entry and translation are currently in the final stages. Two other cities/regions we have in addition been the designation are available, so that also here the data collection can begin promptly. With other words: Planned up to approx. At the end of the second quarter of 2016 will double the number of integrated cities/regions in the welcome app Germany.


One has been in communication with the approx. 200 cities and regions that have shown interest clearly set out: The financing of the costs still represents a problem because simply much of the funds provided by the Federal Government to address the current situation not for municipalities and communities. Also this situation we have to ask ourselves and are therefore massively, trying to help interested cities/regions still sponsors from the business. Some of the integrated cities/regions exclusively on sponsorship – are already financed so without a single cent tax money -.