Education, employment and the economy

29. November 2016

The topics of the welcome app evolve constantly. Newin is for example the column "Migration & immigration", which deals with the issues of legal immigration to Germany and the prerequisites for this. Our goal is to prepare the welcome app more broadly and them in the future in the direction of a General "welcome platform" to expand.

Also on the topic of "Work and education" is already informed in the app. Because we but understand what importance has a work for the successful integration, we want to further expand also this area in the future. We are planning a mixture of values of information around internships, training and work – associated with an updatable collection of potential employers in the region who would like to give a chance to the Neuangekommenen for the welcome app for the new field of "Work and economy". The field could even be expanded up to a job market that is tied to industry and trade as well as chambers of Commerce and employment agencies. A connection from existing platforms via interfaces is also possible. Thus we focus in the future on the integration by work.

Know a company that offers may already be a programme for integration of refugees and migrants in the labour market or you want to support us like even when implementing this topic? Then please contact us at
We are looking forward to the dialogue with you!